About us

Φ symbolizes the ancient Greek idea of the Golden Ratio,

the Philosophy behind each of the select, premium Greek products that we offer,

and the concept behind our company:

A balance between the ancient and the modern, quality and price, health and indulgence.

We are a new dynamic company based in Thessaloniki Greece, a city renowned for its commerce. We have had 25 years of experience in both retail and exports, before we decided to focus in a line of products that we are passionate about and proud of. Philosophies Greek Premium Products is not just a company: it is first and foremost a vision and a project of passion.

Our suppliers

We select our contracted suppliers very carefully and have a very close relationship with them. We choose local farmers and prefer family owned farms, groves and processing facilities. This way you can be sure that you will get authentic, traditional products that are farmed, processed and packaged with care and attention to detail.We reject mass production, we choose quality over quantity.
We renew our contracts every season, and only after strict reviews of the quality of the delivered products. We only work with suppliers who meet our criteria and agree with our very high standards. We know every one of our suppliers by name and we bring to you the same products they feed their families.
We pay special attention to the suppliers of our Philosophies Olive Oil, so that you can be sure when we say Extra Virgin, we mean Extra Virgin. Our olive oil supply comes from small to medium olive groves in Crete and the Peloponese, the two regions in Greece most famous for their very high quality olives.
We try to update our website every season with more information about the season’s products, their origin and our suppliers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

Quality Assurance

All our products arrive to you certified from licenced laboratories, following the strict EU regulations. Also, our contracts with our suppliers allow us to follow every stage of production, from farming, to processing, to packaging. We randomly test our products at different points during farming and processing, do regular inspections of the farms and the facilities, and we make sure that every step of the process is certified. Safety and quality assurance are a top priority for our company.