For wholesalers

Greek food is known worldwide for being healthy, tasty and of very high quality. With the trend towards healthier eating habits and authentic traditional tastes growing, Greek food products are more famous and popular now than they have ever been.

Because of this trend, the worldwide market is now full of products named “greek”that have nothing to do with Greece. We want to change that. We believe in the value of Greek products and in their marketability, and we want to bring them to you fast, easily, and with competitive prices.

Greek Food, the brand

At the end of the day, no one needs persuading of the fame and the appeal of Greek food products worldwide. Your consumers know them and respect them. The Greek brand means traditional and authentic, it means tasty, but it also means healthy and trendy. Don’t take our word for it: Technomic, a research and consulting firm servicing the food and foodservice industry recently published its Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report. In it, 32 percent of diners said that they thought of Greek food as healthy and rated it the fourth-healthiest cuisine out of 30 different types. All the research from America to China show that the Greek Food brand is on an upward spiral. Celebrity chefs, new cook books and television shows are celebrating the Mediterranean Diet and Greek food products and recipes.

Our company brings you exactly that: Celebrated Greek food products, trendy and classic, modern and traditional, healthy and flavorful. Food products everyone knows and loves, from a country synonymous with tasty and healthy food, packaged in a way that emphasizes both their heritage and their modern aspects.

Quality assurance

Special attention is being given to the quality of the Philosophies Olive Oil, because we are aware of the problems wholesalers are facing after the Extra Virgin Olive Oil scandals in Italy and Spain. So to make sure both our company and you as a buyer are absolutely certain of the quality of our olive oil, we follow a very strict procedure:

On the last day before shipping your order, we invite qualified experts from specialized and certified chemical laboratories to take random samples from your order. These samples get tested and on the next day we ship your order together with the chemical analysis and every certification. We include the opened bottles (marked as inspected) in our order and of course replace them with unopened bottles for free.

Labeling and packaging

We have a very active, dedicated and innovative marketing team. We understand the modern markets, so we pay special attention to the labeling and packaging of our products. We want to offer you packaging that will stand out on a shelf and that will mirror the quality of the product inside.

Our marketing team is always available for you. We can discuss and analyze together the needs of your local market and collaborate to better follow your specialized needs in labeling and marketing. Get in touch with us for more information.


But this is only one side of what we offer. Here is what you may find most useful:


We understand the market.

Our focus is on export, and has been for many years. We understand what your clients need and want. Most importantly, we understand what you as wholesaler need and want.

* Products that sell easy on the shelf 

Attractive labeling with attention to detail and high end packaging are important, and we know that. We are also flexible. Benefit from our experienced marketing team to make changes that work for your specific market. Find out how.

* Products that fill (but also create) market needs

Healthy, quality food products are a steadily growing trend worldwide. When the pricing is right, they have a very broad consumer base, they are something everyone needs and wants. Greek food products especially have a great reputation, follow a very long tradition and are of very high quality. Your consumers know that, they want to pay for that, and you can benefit from it. Find out more.

* Satisfied consumers and return sales

Many products will sell once. That’s great, but it will not sustain your business. Our products have very high standards. They are tasty, healthy and visually pleasing – your consumers will come back for more. Try them yourself, you will understand why we are so confident.

* Maximum profit margin for you

Benefit from our experience. Our very competitive pricing is a result of our expert knowledge of the wholesale market, and never at the cost of quality. Don’t pay expensive prices for average products in cheap plastic bottles. We offer you more:

– Highest quality in the same price you normally pay for the average product.

– Labeling and packaging by our experienced design team –focused on the latest marketing trends.

What that means for you? You have every option open and can decide what works best for your local market. Thanks to our prices, you can choose to keep the prices low and maximize your sales quantity. Thanks to our great quality and elegant labeling and packaging, you can set your own price and maximize your profit margin.

* Reliable communication and easy collaboration

Contact us with any questions, problems or ideas you have. We are always available for our associates and open to discussion.