Avoceleon: Avocado Oil

the ultimate indulgent & health conscious luxury in dining

Avoceleon is an extra virgin avocado oil made from 100% Cretan, organically grown, avocados. We are the first and only company in Greece that offers culinary grade, unrefined, extra virgin avocado oil of absolute quality, suitable for the most upscale culinary uses as well as for natural beauty care.

  • Made of 100% organically grown avocados from western Crete
  • Cold pressed & unrefined
  • Mild, sweet flavour with a hint of nuttiness
  • Too many health benefits to list!
  • Perfect for high heat cooking
  • Delicious as a baking, finishing or dipping oil
  • Our tip: Try it as an all-natural nourishing face oil or moisturizing mask for your hair

For much more information on the health benefits of Avoceleon, plus cooking ideas and beauty tips: Ask for our brochure or visit us at www.avoceleon.gr