Sauvignon Blanc-Vilana


Sauvignon Blanc – Vilana 2014

An aromatic dry white wine from the island of Crete, a unique blend of Sauvignon blanc with the indigenous Vilana grape variety.

Its fresh color of clear pale yellow with greenish nuances invites you to enjoy the intense aromas of exotic fruits, like banana, pineapple and kiwi, laced with botanical strings, and the pleasant taste with its soft fruity aftertaste.

Vilana is a Greek wine grape variety with rich history and tradition, of Protected Geographical Indication. This queen of the Cretan white varieties is a difficult one to cultivate and produces delicate wines which were until now rarely seen outside of Greece. Vilana’s fresh flavors, with notes of lemon and orange, compliment the Sauvignon Blanc’s crispness and dryness and its deep-yellow color adds depth to the blend. Inviting and refreshing.

750ml / 11,5% vol
Wine of Greece