Philosophies Winery

Our winery is located in the village Kounavi, in Heraklion, Crete. The winery’s facilities consist of the area where the wine grapes are collected and processed for vinification, the underground storage and wine ageing area, the two wine cellars with the oak barrels and barriques, the bottling facility and the area for the preservation of the final products.


The vinification area includes transportation lines and mechanical crushers for the collection of the wine grapes, heat exchanger for the must, three pneumatic presses, stainless steel and oak tanks and an automatic system controlling the temperature and the development of the alcoholic fermentation. In the wine storage tanks, which lie in the underground air conditioned area, there is a central system filling the empty space with inert gas.

 Philosophies Winery 2

The bottling line that was recently modernized is completely automated. In detail, the bottling line consists of the empty bottles depalletizer, the complex system that includes the rinsing, bottling and corking (or Stelvin capping) machines, the optical unit controlling the filling and the closure of the bottles, the unit for the positioning of capsules, the labeling machine (for self-adhesive and glue labels) as well as the complex system for the formation, filling and sealing of the cartons. The final product is then kept in an isolated air conditioned area.

 Philosophies Winery 3



  The winery’s Quality Control Department is fully equipped with instruments for chemical analyses which provide the operation of multiple controls at every stage of the production, from the collection of the wine grapes to the bottling of the wines. In particular, the equipment of the laboratory includes among other instruments: automatic titrators for the assessment of sulphur dioxide and acidity, a device for the simultaneous assessment of the alcohol degree, the relative density and the total extract in wine samples without distillation, an automatic refractometer, a spectrophotometer and an oxygen meter.



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