Sea Salt

Hand-harvested Sea Salt from Crete

Fleur de Sel


Fleur de Sel (flower of salt) is the purest of all table salts and 100% natural, from the moment it is gathered by hand to the time it reaches the gourmet’s palate. As the sun and winds evaporate the sea water, they leave behind crystals that are skimmed by hand from the surface of small natural salt pans in the beaches of northwestern Crete, at Falasarna, Kastelli, Elafonissi, Marathi and Chania. Because of the traditional harvesting method, and because it is not artificially refined, all the essential minerals and trace elements of the natural sea salt are retained, producing a marine salt of supreme quality, the absolute gift of the Sea of Crete.


Being fresh and hand-harvested, our Philosophies Fleur de Sel is always slightly moist, much milder than regular salt, with a very subtle yet aromatic taste. The fine, light and bright white crystals have a delicate flavor and dissolve instantly when sprinkled into food, making them the perfect finishing salt, beloved by professional cooks worldwide.

Simply let the natural crystal salts dissolve in your mouth and appreciate the breeze of the Cretan Sea on your tongue.