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Philosophies Energy Snack

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There is a reason why we claim that the Philosophies Energy Snack is concentrated Happiness in a Bite, but you might not believe us until you try it.

It isn’t just that this delicious treat is a very quick source of energy with one of the highest nutritional values per calorie amongst energy snacks. Or that it is the quintessential traditional local product, a hidden gem of the island of Rhodes, produced locally on the island, with completely natural, raw, local ingredients and following a traditional local recipe. It isn’t even that it is one of the healthiest snacks you will ever try, and that it is completely dairy free, gluten free, with no additives, no preservatives and no added sugar.

The reason is probably much simpler. This soft bar of aromatic thyme honey and natural unshelled sesame, with almonds, orange peel and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg releases all its fragrance with the first bite, melting deliciously in your mouth and sending happy signals to your brain. And we mean that in a very scientific way: being a rich source of Vitamin B compounds like folates, our energy snack aids serotonin production and boosts your mood. In short, the Philosophies Energy Snack makes people smile.

So it clearly isn’t accidental that in Rhodes this is considered the traditional treat to serve at major happy life altering events, like weddings, births or christenings. But here at Philosophies we believe in making every day a celebration of love, new life and renewed energy. Which is why we think this small but powerful source of energy and joy deserves to be a part of your every day life.


Quality assurance

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As with all Philosophies products, we always insist on collaborating with local producers that can offer traditional, local knoweldge and expertise, while ensuring the highest safety and quality control methods. In this specific case, all raw ingredients are locally sourced, our spices our fresh and the thyme honey used is one of the best in the world, also locally produced on the island of Rhodes. The modern laboratories that produce our Philosophies Energy Snack are located on the island and staffed with qualified personnel that combines scientific expertise with love and respect for the product. They laboratories follow all EU regulations and are certified with the quality control systems HACCP 22000 and ISO 9001.


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